Wichita Sims

This is the official author website of Wichita Sims - not that anyone would attempt an unofficial version. You have made it here either because you were trying to find me, or you accidentally landed here after goofing around on a search engine. Either way, you are here.

Be forewarned:

  1. There is cursing beyond this page. If that offends you, stop here. Hit the back button on your browser or close this window.

  2. My essays and stories are not cheery pieces. Okay, once in a blue moon, one is, but that’s an accident. Do not come here to read, thinking this will make your day less depressing. It will not. 

  3. I want to talk about myself in the third person on this website, like other authors do on their websites. Wichita Sims did this. Wichita Sims is doing that. Obviously, I am writing this, and talking about myself in the third person sounds crazy and egocentric. I should refrain.

  4. (But won’t) Wichita Sims is an extremely slow writer; don’t  expect much. She brutalizes sentences day after day until even she forgets her intent. She  has much more perseverance (and aptitude) for talking on  the phone.